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SMASH 2009

Second Meeting of Australasian Societies for Herpetology
February 20-22, 2009, Auckland, New Zealand


This meeting will be hosted by Ecology and Conservation Group, Massey University and held at Massey University Albany Campus.


Register before January 15, 2009:
Member (SRARNZ, ASH or FISH)   NZ$160
Student member:                           NZ$75
Non-member and late registration: NZ$200

Please fill the registration form. Email a scanned copy or fax it to:
Marleen Baling [] Fax: +64 9 4439790


The deadline for abstract submission: January 20, 2009
Please indicate your first choice between oral and poster presentation.

(Times New Roman, Font size 12; left alignment)
Abstract (Maximum 300words) 

To present in a symposium, please email your abstract to the symposium organiser (see symposium information). To present in a contributed paper session, email the abstract to Weihong Ji (


February is a busy season for all hotels. Please book early to secure an accommodation. Please quote SMASH 2009 for all bookings.

Spencer on Byron Hotel, Takapuna (~20min by bus)
Price:  Studio Room NZ$162.00 1-Bedroom Suite    NZ$180.00
Booking: With conference registration, or
Tel:     +64 9 916 6111  or 0800spencer

Albany Oak Motel, Albany (~15min walk)
Price:  NZ$115-205 / room/night, or NZ$40-73/ bed/night
Tel:     64-9-415-3131
Fax:     64-9-415-3043

Albany Executive Motor Inn(~10min walk)
Price: NZ$130-165/person, NZ$15 for extra person in a room
Booking:         Gary or Tracy;
Tel: +64 9  414-1156
Fax: +64 9 414-1157

UniHouse (student flats) (~20 min walk)
Price: NZ$40/person/night;  NZ$75/2 people/night (or $190/2 people/week

Symposia (Details)

1. The Conservation Management of reptiles and amphibians.
Organiser: Keith Corbett, Chris Wedding and Simon Chapman

2. Pacific herpetology
Contact person: Clare Morrison

3. Herpetological Conservation in Wetlands: Wetter and Better or Dryer and Dire? Organiser: Deborah Bower

4. How ecophysiology can support the conservation of reptiles
Organiser: Kelly Hare

5. Population Genetics and the Conservation of the Australasian Herpetofauna
Organiser: Kim Miller and Dianne Gleeson

6. Behavioural studies in Reptiles and Amphibians
Organiser: Manuela Barry

Fieldtrips (Details)

Pre-Conference Trips (February 19, 2009)

Option 1: Tititiri Matangi Island (NZ$ 65)
Option 2: AKR in the Park, Waitakere Ranges (NZ$25)

Post Conference Trips (February 23-March 4 )

Option 1:  Little Barrier Island -- Lizard and Tuatara survey (NZ$200)
Limit to 9 people per trip
Contact person: Halema Jamieson ( )

Option 2: Mercury Islands – Whitaker’s skink (Cyclodina whitakeri) Robust Skink (Cyclodina alani) and Tuatara Survey (NZ$100)
Contact person:
(Trip is weather dependent and will only run when there sufficient people, please indicate your second choice on the registration form in case your fist choice could not go head).

2a: Red Mercury Island
Limit to 6 people
Contact person: David Towns (

2b: Stanley Island
Limit to 6 people
Kim Miller (

2c: Korapuki Island
Limit to 4 people
Contact person: David Towns (