Official society position statements
Position Statement #1 - Lizard Toe Clipping (released in 2007)
Position statement #2 - Taxonomy (released in July 2016)
Position Statement #3 - Official ASH Species List (partial, 20 December 2016)
ASH is in the process of producing an official list of recognised Australian amphibian and reptile species. This is a work in progress and this first iteration includes the amphibians, dragons, geckos, turtles and crocodilians. The remaining species will be added soon.

Position Statement #4 - The Australian Society of Herpetologists Inc. Inclusivity Statement (endorsed at AGM in January 2015)

Other relevant literature
Kaiser et al. (2013) Best practices: In the 21st century, taxonomic decisions in herpetology are acceptable only when supported by a body of evidence and published via peer-review
This article has huge implications for herpetological taxonomy and nomenclature in Australia.